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Plucky 2006

About The Trip

Day 1
New Orleans to Natchitoches

Day 2
Natchitoches to Hot Springs

Day 3
Hot Springs to Branson

Day 4
Branson to Little Rock

Day 5
Little Rock to Memphis

Day 6
Memphis to Tupelo

Day 7
Tupelo to Birmingham

Day 8
Birmingham to Montgomery

Day 9
Montgomery to New Orleans

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September 5, 2006: Day Five Overview
Start: Little Rock, Arkansas
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End: Memphis, Tennessee
Miles Traveled: 138
  • Central High School; Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Graceland; Memphis, Tennessee
  • Stax Records Museum; Memphis, Tennessee
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    Memphis Accommodations
    The Peabody Memphis
    149 Union Ave.
    Memphis, Tennessee 38103
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    Daily Journal

    Little Rock Central High School

    The museum is in an old gas station, but they are building a newer larger facility across the street

    Near De Valls Bluff, good fried chicken!

    Mary, purveyor of pies, Mary, consumer of pies

    Mmmmmm, pie!

    Right across from Mary's Pie Shop in De Valls Bluff

    We saw a lot of towns that look like this


    Graceland, Living Room

    Graceland, Dining Room

    Graceland, TV Room

    Graceland, Jungle Room

    Graceland, Hall of Records

    Graceland, Pool (Lisa Marie: come on kids, let's go swimming near Grandpa's grave!)

    Graceland, Recreation Room - he purportedly played that piano the morning of his death

    Graceland, Former Racquetball Court

    Graceland, Grave

    Stax Records

    Behind Stax Records

    Blues City Barbeque

    A fairly deserted Beale St.

    Full Moon Over Memphis

    More Scavenger Hunt Points

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