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Plucky Survivors See America started in 2006 when travel writers Mary Herczog (Frommer's, Dummies) and Rick Garman (Moon Handbooks, , best friends since 1989, were trying to decide the best way to mark his fast-approaching 40th birthday. Trips to Greece and Italy were bandied about but concerns over cost, timing, and the lack of desire to sit for that long on an airplane led Rick to joke "Maybe I'll just go see the giant ball of twine in Branson, Missouri." "Cool!" said Mary. "Can I come, too?" That joke grew like the ball of twine itself, into Plucky Survivors.

Plucky Survivors See America 2009: Red, White, and Plucky
The Plucky Adventures continue with a trip through the cradle of America with more than 1,800 miles starting and ending in Washington DC. Along the way we'll be visiting monuments both big (Washington!) and small (groundhogs!) while traveling through Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and Delaware. The adventure begins in September 2009! Read all about it in the Plucky Survivors 2009 section.

Plucky Survivors See America 2008: The Plucky Shall Rise Again
This year the third Plucky Survivors installment traveled 2,400 miles (exactly!) through the deep south, including Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky! We visited some great Southern Belles in the form of classic cities like Savannah and Charleston, visited Biltmore, played more miniature golf (Bible Themed!), saw some pretty rocks, and judged a food contest. Read all about it in the Plucky Survivors 2008 section.

Plucky Survivors See America 2007: The Midwest Express
In 2007, Rick and Mary drove more than 2,500 miles through America's heartland on a journey entitled, "The Midwest Express." Along the way we went to HOGFEST!, traveled Route 66, met a Hobo Queen, visited a death-themed miniature golf course, and ate way too much food. Read our exploits in the day by day road trip journal for Plucky Survivors 2007.

Plucky Survivors See America 2006: The Original
The first Plucky adventure saw Mary and Rick traveling more than 2,300 miles across the south central United States including stops at the Britney Spears Museum in Louisiana, the Bill Clinton Library in Arkansas, the biggest ball of twine in Missouri, and much, much more. Visit the Plucky Survivors 2006 page to read the daily journal.
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