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Plucky Survivors 2006 Photo Slide Show
Travel with the Plucky Survivors over more than 2,300 miles through Louisana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi as they capture the highs and the lows of their journey through photos. Get started.

Plucky Survivors 2007 Photo Slide Show
It's the Midwest Express! View the pictures we took on our 2,500 mile journey through Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Check it out.

Plucky Survivors 2008 Photo Slide Show
Check out all the photos we took on our 2008 trip, The Plucky Shall Rise Again. Start here!

Plucky Survivors 2009 Photo Slide Show
From Washington DC to Philadelphia to Cleveland to Virginia and many stops in between, take a look at the photos from Red, White, and Plucky! Start here!

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