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Virginia Beach Resort
2800 Shore Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
On Red, White, and Plucky, we spent the night in Virginia Beach and our hotel, the Virginia Beach Resort, sits right on the edge of a small beach and thus Chesapeake Bay. There are both pros and cons to this hotel. Because we ultimately feel positive about the place, we're start with the cons so that we end on a high note.

Because of the way the all-suite accommodations are constructed, the bedrooms are the first space you come into, which means they don't have any windows and could feel a little claustrophobic for some. Furnishings are forgettable, the beds are not squishy, and we've been spoiled by flat screen TVs in other places. Plus the promised complimentary high-speed Internet would not work in either Rick or Mary’s room so we had to scramble to get our jobs done – it involved a bit of subterfuge and the business center. That’s all we’re saying.

But there's lots of room and every suite has a refrigerator and a microwave in a small kitchen area. That’s great because as you may know, eating out three times a day is expensive and inconvenient and having the option to have the fixings for one meal or a place to stow and reheat your leftovers is a boon.

There's a nicely shaped swimming pool with both and indoor and outdoor spaces so you can swim from one to the other, a jacuzzi, a well-stocked gym, a café/bar, and more.

The hotel has its own beach area and the ocean, really the bay, is very swimmable here with mostly negligible waves. While it is not located in the center of town, thus requiring a 10-minute drive to get to the popular Boardwalk, some may actually find that a benefit because it's quieter.

Well, except for the people in the halls that made a lot of noise all day and much of the night. There was a big group at the hotel on the same night we stayed that was, um, boisterous to put it kindly. The fact that the bedrooms are closest to the door and therefore the halls means that sleeping is easily interrupted. Based upon the (ignored) “Please be quiet” signs posted everywhere we think this might be an ongoing issue with the clientele this place draws, but it’s also possible that it was just our timing.

Service, for the most part, was good. The front desk agents that checked us in and the technician that tried to fix our Internet issues were very friendly and helpful. We did have a bit of a problem with one employee that led us to the aforementioned subterfuge at the business center, but he was also dealing with the aforementioned boisterous group so perhaps we just caught him at a bad time.

Prices vary dramatically by where you are placed in the hotel and the season. A room not right on the Bay during off-peak can be as low as $89 while one on the Bay during the summer can be over $300. The former is a bargain, the latter simply too much for this property. If you can get something in the middle of that, it’s worth thinking about.

But of course you may want to think about it anyway when you consider those rooms with balconies that overlook the Bay. As with any hotel in Virginia Beach, that's where you want to stay. We spent a good chunk of time on our respective balconies reading, watching people strolling by, dogs playing in the water, and a gorgeous sunset. Now that's a vacation. Too bad we also didn't have ham.

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