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Queen Anne Bed & Breakfast
125 Pine St.
Natchitoches, LA 71457
Of the many things that Natchitoches is known for (“Steel Magnolias,” Meat Pies), one thing that worked to our advantage was the veritable cornucopia of Bed and Breakfast inns around town. We had so many to choose from that we actually stayed in two different locations a few blocks apart.

Mary stayed at the Queen Anne, somewhat better known than the Maison Louisiane where Rick stayed. It is more opulently furnished and thus more eye candy if that is the kind of B&B experience you are looking for.

It welcomes with a gleaming white double decked galleries wrapping around two sides of the home. Well tended grounds and plenty of colorful flowers add to the general feeling of true southern gentility.

On the main floor is a parlor and dining room, both done with heavy woods and fine fabrics on the antiques, only a few of which are as uncomfortable as you expect them to be.

Also downstairs is the “Library Room” where Mary stayed. Tucked behind two elegant wood doors is, effectively, a library that has been turned into a guest room. Bookshelves line a couple of the walls and the others feature rich wood wainscoting and a bay window. It has its own private bath a whirlpool tub.

Upstairs are four more bedrooms, all done in the Victorian style, some with canopy beds and all with private baths.

The experience of staying here is lovely, although we recognize that not everyone is a fan of this particular breed of Bed and Breakfast. The décor lends a more formal, luxury feeling to the proceedings, which may intimidate those who prefer a more casual experience.

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