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Planters Inn Savannah
29 Abercorn St.
Savannah, GA 31401
We sailed in Savannah late afternoon and found our way quickly through the picturesque, narrow, brick-lined streets to our hotel the Planters Inn, which overlooks one of the many picture-perfect majestic oak-filled squares for which Savannah is famous. The hotel is on the site of the parsonage where John Wesley more or less invented Methodism some 250 years ago and the square has a statue of him.

The Planters Inn is a welcoming establishment that hits the right notes of southern charm - the nightly wine and cheese reception in the lobby is a nice touch.

We liked the four-poster beds but we really liked the terrace overlooking the square where a horse-drawn carriage was passing as we typed this. It is perfectly located for walking around Downtown Savannah, which we did passing through square after square along Bull Street, each one increasing our desire to take up some sort of short term residence in an apartment overlooking one.

Although "historic," the Planters Inn is a thoroughly modern hotel with all of the conveniences travelers have come to expect these days, including things like high-speed Internet and newer fixtures in the bathroom.

Service was especially noteworthy with all of that southern grace that you hear about, respectful without being obsequious, friendly without being familiar.

The one and only complaint we could come up with was that the windows in most of the rooms (including both of ours) face directly onto a parking garage, which is not only not a great view but can be a bit annoying at two in the morning when someone turns on their headlights and scares you into thinking you've fallen asleep on a highway. Or maybe it was just Rick.

The Planters Inn is a delightful hotel and we recommend it highly.

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