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Mark Twain Hotel
225 NE Adams St.
Peoria, IL 61602
The Mark Twain Hotel is located in the heart of downtown Peoria, just a few quick steps to the beautiful waterfront area where, on the evening we visited, they were having a big blues festival. Whether you’re there for fun or business, the hotel is very well situated to get you quickly to where you need to go.

A former generic chain style establishment, it's a model for how to transform a dull space into a boutique hotel. The lobby and public spaces have been upgraded to a warm library feeling (leather chairs, oak fireplace) that is comfortable without being stuffy.

On site is a restaurant (pizza, burgers, sandwiches,etc.), a bar, and a small fitness center but no pool. That restaurant offers room service during the day and other things you’ll find in your room are high-speed Internet service (wired and wireless), coffeemakers, DVD players and more.

Basic rooms have been embellished with dark wood Arts and Crafts influenced shelves, with cubby holes for all kinds of nifty touches, including a microwave that would have been perfect for reheating those extra pork chop sandwiches that we didn't bring over from HOG FEST precisely because we thought we wouldn't have the facilities to serve them properly. Drat, AGAIN. We cried sobs of separation and longing into our king sized beds, which were well equipped with the kinds of sleek white linens that make it really hard for us to get on the road in the morning.

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