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Maison Louisiane
332 Jefferson St.
Natchitoches, LA 71457
Of the many things that Natchitoches is known for (“Steel Magnolias,” Meat Pies), one thing that worked to our advantage was the veritable cornucopia of Bed and Breakfast inns around town. We had so many to choose from that we actually stayed in two different locations a few blocks apart.

Rick stayed at Maison Louisiane, a late 1800s Victorian located on the main street a couple of blocks from the historic downtown district and virtually across the street from the house used in the filming of the movie “Steel Magnolias” (much of which was filmed on location here, as Rick will attest since it’s one of his favorite movies).

It’s done with simple good taste as opposed to the extravagance often found in similar establishments, which isn’t to say it isn’t beautifully decorated, just not overblown. The impossibly high ceilings and the exceptionally good and modern bathrooms (Jacuzzi tub, WooHoo!) made us instant fans.

Downstairs is a parlor, a couple of dining rooms, a modern kitchen, and the Library Room in which Rick stayed. Upstairs are three more bedrooms ranging from moderately sized to luxurious, some with fireplaces and private bathrooms. Out back is a separate studio apartment.

All lovely on every level, falling squarely in that rarely hit Bed & Breakfast sweet spot of nice but not fussy and comfortable but not overly familiar.

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