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Inn of Chicago
162 E. Ohio St.
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Our Chicago accommodations couldn’t have been better located. Right in the heart of the Miracle Mile it was only half a block from the retail heaven that is Michigan Avenue and only a few blocks from Navy Pier. Quick car or public transportation rides will get you to the bulk of the other primary Chicago tourist destinations.

The Inn had recently undergone a major multi-million dollar renovation and in most areas of the hotel it showed. The lobby and bar are sleek and modern with the kind of low-slung furnishings that is all the rage these days. And most of the standard guest rooms have also been redone with a soft palette of muted grays and browns, white linens, all new bathrooms, and modern furnishings.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to stay in those rooms. Owing to our “travel writer” status, they decided to put us up in penthouse suites, which sound really nice and on many levels are, but weren’t quite the upgrade one would have hoped from the name. They had not been remodeled yet so all of the furnishings were generic floral print and the fixtures in the bathrooms were straight out of the 70s formica. They were large with a full sitting area, a raised platform for the bed, and big bathrooms with sunken tubs but Mary’s had one tiny little window that made it feel decidedly cavelike and Rick’s had tons of windows but with shades that didn’t actually shade very well so it was like living on the sun in the morning.

The service was a bit gruff at times from the front desk staff but the doormen were enormously helpful with directions so we’ll call that one a wash.

They advertise prices as low as $129 a night, which is a steal for such a well-located hotel if you can get one of the newer rooms. Be sure to ask before you book.

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