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Gratz Park Inn
120 West Second
Lexington, KY 40507
Our hotel in Lexington during the 2008 trip was the Gratz Park Inn, another one of those charming, historic Southern hotels that we enjoyed on our trip.

Located in the heart of the lovingly restored historic town center, the building has an interesting history. It was once a medical center and in fact was home to the town's first morgue - it was located in the basement but it's now a gym, which is fitting somehow. This strange factoid has given the hotel a bit of a reputation as being haunted. More on that in a moment.

All traces of all things medical are long gone and its place is a lovely and elegant boutique hotel, with dark woods, wing back chairs, and lush tapestry style fabrics giving it the air of a warm library. In fact, there is a library - pick a book and settle in by the fireplace.

When we visited in 2008 they were in the middle of a renovation so there were a few tatters here and there, but overall it’s a beautiful old building.

The rooms are simple but comfortable, with classic furnishings and modern conveniences. The only thing that would've helped Rick was a writing desk - the little occasional table just didn't cut it - but most people probably don't have to udpate websites when they are staying here so it's probably not a big deal for most.

Service was friendly and knowledgeable, directing us to a terrific restaurant for dinner. Okay, so it was in the building so they didn't have to work too hard but still, it was fantastic.

About those ghosts... Well, at about 11:30, Rick was surfing the web in his room when there was a very clear and distinct knock at his door. He said “just a minute” and got up and went to the door but there was no there. The hall was equally empty.

Thinking Mary had knocked but didn’t hear his “just a minute” he called Mary in the next room and said, “did you knock on my door?” No – she was snug tight in her bed watching “Hannah Montana.”

Ghost? Rick hearing things? You decide.

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