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The Glenn Hotel
110 Marietta St. NW
Atltanta, GA 30303
Our first night in Atlanta on our 2008 trip we continued the we-aren’t-fancy-but-we-sure-are-acting–like-it-on-the-road-thus-far-theme by being ever so happily ensconced in the Glenn hotel, smack in the middle of downtown Atlanta, around the corner from CNN headquarters (we got a brief tingle but then remembered everyone including Anderson Cooper was at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver) and with a view of Centennial Park from the window.

Major kudos to the hotel designers; they took what was clearly an older drab dated establishment and spiffified it; splashes of bright orange in the shimmery curtains, big thick beds with flat screens waiting at the foot, even a stuffed lion for you to sleep with if you so choose. (Mary did; she missed the husband and the dogs.)

There are impossibly thin and gorgeous people populating the lobby bar, which is why we stayed in our hotel rooms where it was safe; Maxim magazine runs the steakhouse and there is a free copy of that men’s magazine in the room; and there are cocktail shakers in the honor bar. Which is to say, we totally don’t fit in with our Varsity dining selves, but we actually like it quite a bit.

In addition to the aforementioned nice rooms and lobby bar there’s also a rooftop bar with what we presume offers great views of the Atlanta skyline but a very strict dress code and a lack of will to change clothes to meet it after a full day of traveling quashed our hopes of seeing it. If the finely attired young party crowd that was waiting behind the velvet rope for admittance (on a Wednesday no less) are any indication, it’s very nice indeed.

When we got to our rooms we both noticed a tiny round metal canister sitting on the generic welcome letter. “Cool!” thought Mary, “lip balm!” “Cool!” thought Rick, “Candy!” Imagine our disappointment when we found it contained foam earplugs. Imagine what other emotions we experienced when we found out why they were needed. Yes, it might have been a Wedsnesday night, but that’s no reason for the impossibly thin and gorgeous of Atlanta not to party until 2am. Or later. It may have been where our rooms were situated (directly below the rooftop bar), but if the thump-thump of bass isn’t compatible with sleep for you, it may be best to seek other Atlanta lodging options.

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