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The Dupont Hotel
1500 New Hampshire Ave. NW
Washington DC, 20036
During Plucky Survivors See America, we rarely spend more than one night in the same place. Itís part of the nature of a road trip that requires that you get on the road and trip, so to speak.

But during Red, White, and Plucky we wound up spending three nights in Washington DC and all three of those nights were at The Dupont Hotel. We are having a hard time thinking of how we couldíve done any better for a multi-night stay in our nationís capital.

The Dupont Hotel is located on the picturesque Dupont Circle, handily adjacent to both a Metro stop and a Krispy Kreme (yeah, the hot donuts sign was flashing and yeah, we took advantage of that). Dealing with the Metro isnít a tremendous amount of fun but you can get from the Dupont station to the National Mall where the Smithsonian, memorials, Capitol, and White House are located in about 20-25 minutes depending on your timing with the trains. You could also take a cab, which will cost you about $10 with tip and take half the time. Or if you are of hearty stock, you could walk since itís only a couple of miles really.

The building has gotten a handsome redo, turning what was previously certainly non-descript and uncomfortable into an up-to-the minute, modern streamline design from the chic lobby to the simple but eye-catching rooms.

The latter are full of pleasing details such as mini-reading lamps by the beds, flat screen TVs, iPod docking stations/radios, bouncy beds, free high-speed Internet, mini-bars, thick frosted glass separating the bathroom from the main room, and best of all, if you're a known amenities junkie like Mary, generously sized Kiehl's bath products.

It is worth noting that rooms come in different shapes and sizes and some of the smaller rooms are, well, smaller so if you need personal space you may want to request one of the ones that have a little bit more floor-space. Also, the frosted glass doors/walls for the bathroom area look cool but are not terrific for privacy so shy folks may need to ask whomever they are sharing the room with to step in the hall while they do their duty.

The hotel features a comfortable glass walled-lounge and restaurant overlooking the fashionable neighborhood, both of which were obviously popular judging from the amount of people in there on the weekday nights we were visiting. These facilities contribute to the overall vibe of the place being more grown-up Ė we donít think this would be a fantastic choice for families with children.

In the basement is a very nice fitness center complete with treadmills and stationary bikes that have their own video screens. They also offer room service, laundry, and

Service is excellent throughout from the valet attendants to the front desk agents to the room attendants and beyond.

One complaint surrounds the issue of parking. Finding a place for your car is notoriously difficult in this town but only offering a valet option and charging over $30 a day for it seems kind of obnoxious, although we know that most hotels in town do the exact same thing so we canít really knock them too hard for it. We probably wouldíve had less of an issue with it if getting your car from the valet was easier Ė traffic in the area, especially during rush hour, is virtual gridlock so it took a long time for the attendants to get Plucky Mobile back into our hands.

Prices are pretty good for a hotel of this caliber in this location. Weíve seen weekday rates as low as $159 and weekends as low as $229, although over $200 and $300 respectively are not uncommon. Washington DC is not a cheap town for accommodations so this is not at all out of line.

The combination of location and comfort made The Dupont Hotel a definite winner for our rare three nights in one city. We think they could be a winner for your stay in DC, too.

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