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Rosa Parks Library and Museum
252 Montgomery St.
Montgomery, AL 36104

We rushed to the Rosa Parks Library and Museum before it closed and to feel again, some more, like weíve done nothing of significance in our lives.

The museum portion of the facility (which also includes the Troy-Montgomery Campus Library and a new Childrenís Wing with interactive displays designed to teach them how they can affect the world around them) is another well-designed experience. It includes a multi-media reenactment of Mrs. Parksí legendary protest act, which took place on this very spot and details the ensuing bus boycott.

Again, proving that we know a little about a lot but not a lot about anything, we didnít know the bus boycott lasted fifteen months and werenít aware of the toll it took on those participating and how the community rallied around its own to help keep it going. Again, when you think about how much work this was, to overturn one law, in one town, and the amount that still needed to be done, itís utterly overwhelming, and thatís part of why these people deserve all the honor and all the exceptional museums they can have.

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