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The Forevertron
Highway 12
W. Baraboo, WI

The Forevertron is the world's largest freestanding metal sculpture, the creation of idiosyncratic visionary artist Tom Every aka Dr. Evermore. Located behind a salvage yard the Forevertron itself is the centerpiece of a series of scrap metal art installations. Being the biggest it captures the eye first, looming large over the different vignettes looking like a cross between a time machine, a James Bond movie villain weapon of mass destruction, and a spaceship. In fact, part of it is a spaceship; a capsule from an Apollo mission.

Surrounding it are creatures, both inspired from life and pure imagination. Think ostrich and peacock bird bands with beaks made of pliers and similar hardware, giant tarantulas, and alien life forms constructed out of every kind of rusting piece of metallic junk you might find at any dump or scrap yard.

It was a post-apocalyptic landscape of otherworldly creatures, and all of it looking ready to come to life in a Tim Burton animated movie. It was astonishing.

For Mary, the best was the dragon that had rusty scales and spikes on its backs made out of old gas canister cylinders cut in half. Beat on the scales and you make a sound like Balinese gamelan; rap on the canisters with a rod and it produces a series of minor notes not dissimilar to Tibetan gongs or bells, each one holding a fading resonating note. She could've played with it all day.

The whole project is an example of turning something ugly into something of beauty; of salvation from wreckage and it makes you want to pick up some scraps from the surplus yard, throw on a welder's helmet, and join in the fun, thus reminding us that art is not just to be admired but also participated in.

The Forevertron is located on the west side of Highway 12, a couple of miles south of West Barbaroo, Wisconsin. Across the street is the giant Badger Army Ammunition Plant that you can’t possibly miss. The entrance to the park is just south of Delaney’s Surplus but if the main gates are closed you can enter through the back of the surplus yard.

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