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Elvis Presley Birthplace
306 Elvis Presley Dr.
Tupelo, MS 38801

It turns out that the beginning of the Elvis story was a lot more interesting to us than the end of the story back in Memphis. The two room shack where The King was born in 1935 was purchased by Elvis during the 1950s and immediately donated to the town. In the 1970s a foundation restored it and added an adjacent small museum, gift shop, chapel, and a timeline. The exhibits in the museum portion felt more personal than those at Graceland, shining a brighter light on his origins and his career. For instance, did you know that Elvis’ personal designer was dismayed by the fact that Presley’s shirt kept coming untucked during a concert and that is what led him to creating the one-piece jumpsuits? Now you do.

Meanwhile Mary unnerved the otherwise rather hilarious women working the place (they kept telling each other, via walkie-talkie, about the whereabouts of a certain rather zealous visitor—whatever you do, don’t get him started on his karaoke career) by asking detailed questions about the location of Elvis’ stillborn older twin brother, Jesse. She just wanted to know because she’s a cemetery and celebrity grave buff and had thought he was buried on the grounds. It turns out he’s in an unmarked grave down the street, and Mary’s questions like “But did the family even know the section of cemetery?” prompted one lady to say to another, in earshot of Rick, “She think she’s gonna find that grave, doesn’t she?” You may add the eye roll.

And yes we went to said cemetery but no, we didn’t find the section. It’s apparently occupied by other Presleys, but Mary couldn’t spot them.

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