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Clinton Presidential Library & Museum
1200 President Clinton Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72201

We pulled into Little Rock—well, there was more one more wrong turn, but let’s not talk about how we managed to miss the entire state capitol—and went right to the Clinton Presidential Library.

Now, we are unabashed Clinton-philes and so our hearts beat just a little bit faster just pulling into the parking lot. The very modern building stands between an old brick railway station and a railroad bridge that looks like a series of iron semi-circles, all situated on the banks of the river that passes through the center of town.

The library consists of comprehensive, multi-media displays of highlights from Clinton’s two terms, with barely a mention of certain blue-dress wearing lowlights (barely one sentence mentioning you know who and that just in passing), staffed by enthusiastic and helpful local volunteers. We walked away crushing on the former President even harder than ever. Next door in the former train station is the Clinton graduate school for public service that has rotating art displays.

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