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Bonaventure Cemetery
330 Bonaventure Dr.
Savannah, GA 31401

During our morning in Savannah, we drove out to Bonaventure cemetery, because this was more or less the day to check out all the "Midnight in the Garden" hot spots. The place is canopied with looming oaks covered thickly in dripping Spanish moss; one couldn't ask for more atmosphere.

The monuments weren’t as imposing as in Oakland. Headstones tended to hug the ground, but pretty much every plot was outlined with concrete or some similar substance, which gave an air of independence to most of the graves.

We paid respects to Pulitzer Prize winning poet Conrad Aiken (whose bench marked grave reads Cosmos Mariner, Destination Unknown), and Johnny Mercer (we’ve come to realize that all songs up to a certain date were written by either the Gershwins, Irving Berlin, Cole Porter or Mercer), and yes, Danny whathisname (oh, that's so terrible, but there it is), the murder, oops, we mean "self defense" victim from the book’s central crime.

The famous "Bird Girl" statue from the book’s cover is no longer at Bonaventure - too many tourists like ourselves - but is available for viewing at the Telfair Museum of Art.

The view from one section of Bonaventure. There are worse things to look at forever. Any movie with Paris Hilton, for instance.

More at Bonaventure.

The Mercer Family Plot.

A tribute to Johnny Mercer.

No, Rick didn't leave the Corona. It would've been a waste of a perfectly good beer.

Poet Conrad Aiken's bench.

Mary wants to go out in a horse drawn carriage.

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