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Blue Bunny Ice Cream Factory
16 5th Ave. NW
LeMars, IA 51031

We began our day in LeMars, Iowa the Ice Cream Capital of the World, so-called because it is the home of the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Factory. This is not just boasting, they actually do produce more ice cream than any other company.

It's a long story but sufficed to say Blue Bunny looms large in Mary's personal mythology. The short version is that despite their prodigious output, the ice cream is rare in Los Angeles. One day after thoroughly enjoying one of their Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches, suddenly everywhere she looked there was Blue Bunny. A stuffed Blue Bunny sent by a friend has been our mascot on the trip and so today we brought Plucky Bunny home.

You don't tour the factory but instead a series of exhibits illustrating the company's history since shortly after the turn of the last century including a knowingly cheesy video that explains ice cream production in a miniature version of a production facility.

We enjoyed it thoroughly even before we had ice cream for breakfast. It's a cute stop - good value for the money ($3 per person) and did we mention, there's ice cream at the end.

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