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Angel Museum
656 Pleasant St.
Beloit, WI

Probably because we had our share of awe for the day we thought was why were less than whelmed at the Angel Museum in Beloit, Wisconsin. We sort of knew what we were in for and it didn't disappoint. It's a donated private collection of over 10,000 angel figurines, although as Mary pointed out not all of them are actually angels, some are cherubs but apparently any humanoid figure with wings qualifies.

The collection has red Christmas angles, blue Delft angels, angel bells, stained glass angels, Hummel figure angels, and an entire cabinet of Oprah angels (she complained there were no black angels, people sent her angels, and when she hit 700 she told people to stop and then donated them to the museum). The collection is impressive for its sheer mass but disappointing for its emphasis on the cutesy and the twee. While there were a few literary quotes from authors such as Emerson and Coleridge, there was nothing of the grave and mysterious quality of angels like that to be found in say, the movie "Wings of Desire" or even orthodox icons.

The point is we got the idea pretty quickly and moved on.

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