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American Gothic House Center
300 American Gothic St.
Eldon, IA 52554

Speaking of houses, one that we would have sworn was out in a cornfield is the one in Grant Wood's "American Gothic," that most iconic--and most reproduced and parodied--of American paintings, the background of which is a house in Eldon, Iowa. Turns out the house, preserved by the state and currently occupied by a schoolteacher, is very much not isolated from other buildings, to our surprise. It's in a somewhat rural neighborhood but it's not really a farmhouse. (Mary thinks she had it conflated with the house in "Christina's World" which isn't by Wood at all.)

A fantastic, spanking new visitor's center opened in June 2007 has small but splendid exhibits covering the art and pop culture history of the painting, and best of all, lends reproduction outfits so that one might dress up and pose in front of the house-and you know you want to-with a docent trained in framing the shot correctly to take your photo. We learned so much in a short period of time from the enthusiastic staff who was justly thrilled over their new center, and we strongly encourage a stop here.

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