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Ahlgrim Acres (Death Mini-Golf)
201 N. Northwest Hwy
Palatine, IL 60067

Our final official stop on Plucky Survivors 2007 was the place that was supposed to be our first official stop, the completely awesome 9-hole death themed mini-golf course in the basement of a funeral home. Alghrim Acres has been a family owned and run operation for four generations and our tour guide Douglas Ahlgrim's father built the first version of the golf course in 1964 as a diversion for his kids. Since then it has become a part of an ever-growing game room that two generations of children have played in, especially during the cold winter months.

You start on the hole with the metallic skull complete with red gleaming eyes, knock a ball through a shipping casket (Rick got a hole in one, thank you very much), chase one through a tombstone themed oversized pinball machine, and brave a mini-haunted house and a cryptorium (points off if you knock a ball into an empty grave) among other delightfully ghoulish diversions. Don't get us wrong, it's not high tech but it's just funny.

The whole thing helps take the scare out of funeral homes because it gives a good association with a place that is, let's face it, a natural part of life. It's not morbid at all; it's affirming life in a place of death, in a silly yet sweet way.

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