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The Varsity (Downtown)
61 North Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30308

we made a beeline from the airport to the Varsity, the world’s largest drive in and an Atlanta institution, where we each ordered a hot dog (pretty darn good), split a burger (eh), some onion rings (justified the hype) and some French fries (good but not great). The whole darn thing was gone in milliseconds. We would tell you more about what the Varsity is like but that would imply we got out of the car and looked at it as opposed to hovering down our food. The only reason we even slowed down the car is because they couldn’t get the food fast enough to throw it through the window.

Seriously though, the Varsity is a must-see (or eat as the case may be) for many Atlanta visitors, complete with the car hop service we availed ourselves of and a huge indoor dining room we didn’t (see slowed down above). The menu is drive-in heaven with the aforementioned dogs, burgers, shakes, and much more. If we hadn’t been so darned hungry both for food and a spiritual boost from that “first cheeseburger tastes like freedom” mantra we state so often, we would’ve taken more time to experience the whole package. We give it the thumbs up anyway.

Note that there are several locations around town, but we have to recommend the original Downtown location because, well, it's the original.

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