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The Udder Cow
206 NW 7th St.
Pocahontas, IA 50574

By the time we hit Pocahontas it was the middle of the afternoon and while Blue Bunny ice cream made a fine breakfast its restorative powers wear off after awhile so we were keeping a sharp eye out for interesting looking late lunch spots. To our delighted eyes appeared, the Udder Cow, whose theme you can guess right down to the black and white splotched station wagons out front and the similarly spotted hand crocheted doilies adorning every table.

The house specialty was pork tenderloin so naturally we each had one. Mary was surprised to learn that this regional specialty came encrusted in something Rick, a native, identified as a coating of bread crumbs and crackers. Mary continues to think well of Iowans and their food choices.

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