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Tato Nut Donut Shop
1114 Government St.
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

The TatoNut Shop, where they make the donuts with potato flour was a stumbled upon treasure. We were too late for the cake ones, but a dozen glazed (we were sharing with people back in New Orleans! Really!) were just fine. The town was adorable, classic southern oak-tree lined Andy Hardy look, all serene and peaceful but it took donuts called "Katrina pieces" to remind us about events a year earlier.

"Hey, how'd y'all do?" we asked the gal at the counter. Donut shop was fine, town's coming back, but her house got five feet of water and is gone. "So are all the ones at the shore," she added.

The donuts are good but it's the fact that places like this need your support to help the region recover that should make you want to go here.

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