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Six Feet Under
437 Memorial Dr. S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30312

Six Feet Under, aptly named since it overlooks the Oakland Cemetery (in another nice piece of symmetry), was our lunch spot of choice on the final day of our 2008 trip.

We were joined there by Mary's Plucky Friends Susan and John, who live nearby and recommended the fish tacos.

Susan was nice enough to order the fish tacos, so Mary could have the grilled shrimp one along with her chilled cucumber soup topped with little crab cake. This was excellent because both were so good she would have been sorry to have missed out on either.

Rick had some fried chicken nuggets which reminded us we didn't have fried chicken on this trip, and that we only had biscuits twice (at the Whistle Stop café and Paula Dean's place in Savannah) which only just further reminds us that there is never enough time and space to eat everything you want to eat, even on vacation.

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