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Ruth Hunt Candy Company
550 N. Maysville Rd.
Mt. Sterling, KY 40353

On the way for hot dogs we made a stop at the Ruth Hunt Candy Company in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. Founded in 1921, it is the official supplier of candy to Churchill Downs.

Truth be told, the average looking exterior and rather modest display case did not initially bowl us over, though the smell of chocolate nearly did and they certainly don’t do justice the candy purveyed here.

Kentucky is known for “cream candy,” which looks a little like taffy when it’s still being pulled, has the consistency of a soft but not chewy meringue, and taste like sweet cream. Ms. Hunt got her start making these in her kitchen for friends and turned it into this mini-empire, now offering a twist on the original by dipping them in chocolate – it’s called the Blue Monday candy bar.

We also tried creamy peanut butter buckeyes, light and silky raspberry and mint meltaways, and a delicious milk-chocolate covered caramel.

We were relieved to discover that they ship.

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