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Poole's BBQ
164 Craig St.
East Ellijay, GA 30540

Our next stop would be our last official road side attraction and dining in one: Poole’s BBQ and the Pig Hill of Fame.

Yes, we know we kept calling it the Pig Hall of Fame, which was pretty funny, but it turned out to be a colorful barbeque shed next to a tall hill covered in cut-out pig shapes of different sizes and colors, each with a name inscribed on it. We asked inside; how do you get one? “Well,” said the counter girl, “You need a pure heart, an honest look in your eye, and five dollars.” We had the latter at least, and any day now, there should be a pig that says “Plucky Survivors 3” somewhere among the hundreds of others.

Along with pork, owner Col. Poole serves up a healthy batch of politics, beginning with freedom fries on the menu, signs promoting Pat Buchanan for President, photos of him and his wife as delegates at the RNC, a plaque honoring President Bush’s inauguration, and lots more, all proudly proclaiming that this is a conservative establishment. Apparently, there is another BBQ spot some miles away that has liberal politicians and slogans in it, and there is a bit — we say with likely understatement — of rivalry between the two. But this one has a Pig Hill of Fame, so it’s where we cast our ballot.

Now, we know what we said about Georgia barbeque and we largely stand by it, but if this were the only place we had eaten same, we would have a very different opinion.

The sandwiches were large, the pulled pork smoky, the sauce sweet and yet tangy—yeah, that’s what we’re talking about. That’s the kind of pork barrel politics we support.

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