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1329 Connecticut Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036

Located just a block away from the bustling Dupont Circle on New Hampshire Avenue, Otello is a small bistro (about 20 tables) where the service people appeared to be from Italy but the menu leaned a little more closely to Italian-American - which, by the way, we're big fans of because it's the comfort food from our childhood.

Veal Scallopini, linguine of various types and sorts, spaghettis of all stripes, rigatoni, ravioli and the like dominate the menu but there’s a little bit of something for everyone as long as you aren’t looking for adventure in your Italian fare.

Rick went old-school with the spaghetti Bolognese, which was good but would’ve been better with some hearty meatballs. Mary had the Italian sausage penne acting like Proust's madeleine, traditional in all the right ways. We were instantly 11 again.

The basket of bread before the meal was a disappointment (kind of flavorless) and they were not serving alcohol while we were there (some sort of license issue) but the service was good and the prices are moderate – figure $20 per person.

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