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20 Market Square
Knoxville, TN 37902

We walked through Market Square in Knoxville, which clearly bustles on non-holidays but was largely empty this Labor Day evening, and had a fine dinner at a café called Oodles.

The menu is a nice mix of upscale and down-home - wild mushroom pasta and duck carbonara next to lasagana and baked macaroni and cheese; bacon-wrapped black and blue filet or a duck club sandwich alongside pepperoni pizza .

Rick loved his spicy meatballs and garlic ciabatta appetizer, which was big enough to serve as its own meal, though his flank steak sandwich was just average.

Mary had another well composed salad (including garlicky chickpeas) and a pork belly BLT that was really just thick cut sweet and sour pork, but it went well with the gorgonzola mayo.

Prices are moderate - expect about $15-20 per person when it's all said and done unless you're going for the pricier entrees and including something from their extensive wine list.

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