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Mary’s Family Pie Shop
149 Route 70 West
DeValls Bluff, AR

We don’t remember where we heard about Mary’s Family Pie Shop but there were proclamations like “best pie ever” and so that made us want to go there. Well, “pie” made us want to go there, but that’s beside the point.

We drove around for awhile trying to find the not-precisely-signed pie shop and discovered that De Vall’s Bluff apparently has several other rival pie shacks. No matter; we tracked the right one down, set back from the road in a ramshackle structure that was…closed.

A guy raking leaves nearby said the proprietor, Miss Mary, was home in the house next door to the shop, so Plucky Survivor Mary knocked on her door. Miss Pie Mary, a southern-friendly woman in her seventies, answered and responded to our pleas (that went something like “Pie… drool… pie…”) by saying that she didn’t have any large pies, but she did have small ones, but only in chocolate and coconut. Since we stop listening at the point someone says “chocolate” we politely asked if she would sell us a couple. And she did. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Miss Mary’s family has been making pies for decades – she herself said she’s been doing it for “forty or fifty years” (she’s 75 and looks about 45) – and it shows. These perfectly personal sized pies were topped with thick meringue, supported by a cornmeal crust ever so lightly glazed with sugar, and filled with thick, fudgy custard. Mary ate half of hers before we got to the barbeque restaurant across the street, which wasn’t a wide street, by the way.

We couldn’t spot an actual address but if you’re traveling on Interstate 40 east of Little Rock you’re close. It’s located on Highway 70, which is just a couple of miles south of the Interstate, between the exits for State Routes 11 and 33, just west of DeVall’s Bluff. It’s a rundown looking shack on the north side of the highway, almost directly across the street from Craig’s BBQ.

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