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1000 7th Ave.
Marion, IA 52302

Midwesterners know of the Maid-Rite but for those outside the region it's sort of like a Sloppy Joe but without the sloppy; loose meat, with a special seasonings, on another soft bun, plus mustard, pickle and onions. Ketchup optional. Thin sliced, well deep fried onion rings on the side.

Aficionados can attest to its humble but delicious power and Rick accordingly horked down two of them, disproportionately happy about the whole thing. Mary had one and may not have been in the same gleeful state as Rick-it's one of those childhood comfort foods that will always mean more to one who grew up on them--but proclaimed it delicious nevertheless and it was more than made up for with the hand-dipped chocolate malt that disappeared quickly.

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