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LP Steamers
1100 E. Fort Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21230

LP Steamers is a hole-in-the-wall style joint in South Baltimore but in that good, neighborhood way that is often missing from the more tourist driven locations. A few picnic tables (that are covered with paper for the steam crab pounding if you so choose) and a counter line the narrow room and the staff was definitely of the "how y'all doin?" variety. The “South” part of South Baltimore was really in evidence here.

They have all manner of seafood from fried just about everything (scallops, shrimp, oysters) to the steam crabs they are most known for and several sandwiches and appetizers to boot. Non seafood eaters will have to make due with a hamburger, chicken tenders, or a grilled cheese, or go elsewhere.

Rick's not a seafood fan and wasn’t in the mood for the alternates, so he sat it out while Mary had her crab cake, which since it consisted of good lump crab meat, pleased her very much.

Surprisingly not cheap for this kind of down and dirty joint but it’s a local favorite so may be worth the drive and the dough.

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