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Leopold's Ice Cream
212 East Broughton Street
Savannah, GA 31401

We spent a great deal fo time walking around Savannah and the city in late August is moist, to say the least. Itís not like we were trekking through some tropical jungle with whatever the tropical jungle equivalent of sherpas are trailing behind us, but it was hot. And muggy. And thatís when we saw the ice cream parlor. The outcome of this story should not come a surprise to anyone.

It turned out to be a re-creation of a Savannah institution, Leopoldís Ice Cream (originally established 1919). Those house-made scoops were, under the conditions, medicinal donít you see?

The store is lovely - part old-time soda fountain with the beautifully carved counter, old Philco radio, and original wooden phone booth and part Hollywood museum. Odd you say? Not when you consider that Stratton Leopold, son of the original founders, went off to LA LA Land to make his fortune in the movies as a producer. His credits include "Mission Impossible 3," "The Sum of All Fears," and "Paycheck."

They have over a dozen home made flavors including their signature Tutti Frutti plus floats, malted, shakes, and a few sandwiches and salads if you need something to justify the ice cream.

We sampled several flavors and were thrilled with all of them - creamy, rich but not too rich, and perfect for a hot afternoon in Savannah.

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