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Irondale Café
1906 1st Ave. N.
Irondale, AL 35210

Irondale Café is the inspiration for the Whistle Stop Café from "Fried Green Tomatoes" (a relative of Fannie Flag's seems to have owned it at one time). Mary and Rick are big fans of both movie and book, and all three of us (including Plucky Passenger Jessica) are fans of southern cooking, though the many choices at the lunch time buffet paralyzed the out-of-towners even when the counter ladies helpfully explained everything on offer.

Jessica went right ahead, boldly ordering her favorite sweet potatoes with marshmallows, among other things, and we simply handled the matter by ordering most of everything else. Fried chicken, ham, biscuits, the aforementioned sweet potatoes, and mac and cheese were the winners by acclimation.

When Mary went to the pay the bill, which was on three separate checks, the register woman held up one and said "You have two extra meat dishes on this." What's your point? Mary thought.

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