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Gigi's Cupcakes
1816 Broadway Suite A
Nashville, TN 37203

So there we were, driving around Nashville being led by our Avis supplied GPS searching for Music Row when a strange thing happened.

As we were approaching the neighborhood where all the record companies are, Mary asked ďHow does it know? It could be taking us anywhere. Will there be cake there?Ē

Moments later, the GPS sent us on a road that didnít go to Music Row and in our recalibration to get back on track, Rick spotted a place called Gigiís Cupcakes.

It seems that the GPS not only knew what it was doing, it knew exactly what we wanted. The GPS is now our best friend.

The cupcake craze in Los Angeles has become an epic battle, with stores opening and closing it seems every other week. We are cupcake aficionados and each have our favorites in town, but now it seems that we have a new favorite overall.

Mary had a simple chocolate with chocolate butter cream icing, with the cake including little chocolate buttons. Rick had a devilís food with the same buttons, topped with raspberry buttercream dipped in chocolate ganache. They were perfect in every way and better than any we have tasted anywhere - a bold, but true statement.

We were crushed to hear they donít ship to LA.

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