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Gaulart & Maliclet Cafe Restaurant
98 Broad St.
Charleston, SC 29401

Thinking we would be eating roughly our body weight in entries to the Anything But Pork contest we were judging later that night, we decided to have a quick bite in Charleston before we headed north to Myrtle Beach just to make sure we didn't pass out during the drive.

Our lovely concierge at the John Rutledge House Inn directed us a few doors down to this tiny French bistro and it wound up being perfect.

The menu consists of a variety of sandwiches, salads, and hot plates that range from subtly Gallic to full on Ooh La La. Because we wanted something to just tide us over, Mary went for a selection of cheeses, a small house salad, and a fresh baguette and Rick tried the vegetable soup, which also came with cheese and a baguette.

Yummy, perfect, lovely, inexpensive. A great place for a simple and cheap meal in Charleston.

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