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Gates BBQ
1221 Brooklyn Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64127

What we seem to do best is eat, and that's why we went down the street to grab some barbeque sandwiches from Gates, the other "best BBQ joint in Kansas City" because even though we had just eaten a pound of meat between us the night before at Arthur Bryant’s we are in charge of deciding exactly how much meat is enough meat and apparently it wasn't.

Safely ensconced in a cooler for the 90 minute drive to St. Joseph, Missouri, we ate them in the parking lot of the Glore Psychiatric Museum, which made perfect sense at the time. We would show you a photo of our triple layer, overstuffed melting beef brisket and seriously porky ham sandwiches, each with probably half a pound of meat and some righteous sauce, but they didn't last long enough for even a shutter click. Sorry, Arthur Bryant; Mary, at least, is throwing her vote to Gates for "Best Kansas City BBQ." Rick tried to vote but his mouth was full. It sounded like "bwerfflmmmmmm."

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