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Blues City Café
138 Beale St.
Memphis, TN 38103

You may thing that after a week of traveling around the south that we would’ve had our fill of barbecue. You obviously don’t know us very well.

Memphis is another one of those BBQ hot spots and we canvassed hotel employees (and perhaps, even strangers on the street, we were so hungry) looking for the best in the immediate vicinity. We ended up at the recommended Blues City Café located on the famous Beale St., which made us a bit nervous because while fun the street is decidedly touristy with a Hard Rock and a Hooters doors away.

We had nothing to worry about. The restaurant is polished but still funky and simple like a good BBQ joint should be.

The well-dry-rubbed rib meat fell off the bones and was absolutely perfect and the wide ranging menu has a flavor for everyone.

Don’t let the touristy neighborhood scare you away.

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