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Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ
1715 6th Ave. SE
Decatur, AL 35601

We got this pamphlet that listed the “100 Things to Eat in Alamaba Before You Die” and almost immediately focused in on Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ because we like barbecue (a lot) and anyone who goes under the moniker of “Big Bob” is a good guy in our book.

There are a couple of Big Bob’s around Decatur, Alabama (plus another in North Carolina) but we ate at the original on Highway 31 that welcomed us with a giant sign with a pig on it so we knew were going to be happy right away.

There were more ribs for Mary, and for Rick, a baked potato the size of a small planet topped with butter, sour cream, chives, bacon bits, cheese and barbeque chicken.

“Wow, there aren’t any fat grams in that,” said Mary.

Actually it came out like “Mwrah, fleh moweh crupple bry twah sme grat” because her mouth was full of barbecue pork ribs.

Rick even bought some of the sauce, it was that good, although we’ve now given up rating barbeque against each other. It’s all just too different and too good in its own way to do it justice.

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