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The Plucky Pledge
For Plucky Survivors 2008 we are hoping you'll help us raise money for some very worthwhile causes.

Just like those dance marathons of yore, we're asking our readers to pledge money for us as long as we keep dancing, or in this case as long as we keep driving. For every mile we drive during this year's trip from August 27 to September 6, 2008, you pledge an amount of money and at the end of the trip we'll total it all up, collect the pledges, and donate it all to one of three very worthwhile organizations.

So for instance, if you pledged a penny for every mile that we drive and we wind up driving 2,000 miles, you'll be donating $200 to the Plucky Pledge fund. Pledge any amount you want for any distance you want - a penny for every ten miles for instance or $1.00 for every fifty miles.

Just for reference purposes, Plucky Survivors 2008 will cover somewhere between 2,200 and 2,500 miles depending on how lost we get. If 25 people pledge a penny per mile, we could raise as much as $5,000!

Your donations will be split amongst the following charities:

To pledge, simply fill in the form below and press send. We'll contact you with a confirmation e-mail and then contact you again after the trip. Thank you!
Your name:
E-mail address:
I pledge:
To pledge a different amount not covered above, fill in the details here:

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