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Are You Plucky?
What does it mean to be plucky? Well, the dictionary says "having or showing pluck or courage; brave" and we definitely subscribe to that but we also add a little something more to it.

To us, being Plucky is an attitude, a way of thinking about life and the world around us. Part of it is not taking things too seriously - enjoying the absurdity of life despite its challenges. Certainly finding ways to keep going, to strive, to thrive, and enjoy while dealing with adversity is a big part of it. And of course, we're not trying to get all philosophical here, but it's also about understanding that we are insignificant in the grand scheme of things and yet can have tremendous impact on the world around us if we try.

That impact may be big or small, short term or long lasting, personal or public, but it is an impact never the less. That's what this section is all about.

Our Plucky Survivors Hall of Fame page features the people, places, or things we think are worthy of the title Plucky Survivor.

In the Get Involved section you can find out how you can be Plucky in your own community.


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