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Get Involved
Part of being "Plucky" is understanding that while life is going to go on without us someday we should, in the meantime, try to make a bit of a difference.

That's what this section of the website is all about. Below you'll find various ways you can get involved by donating your time or money or even a few mouse clicks.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. That in and of itself means you're at least a little bit Plucky.

Donate Your Time
Obviously every community has opportunities to volunteer but if you're wondering where to start, try one of the following websites. Each has a way to plug in your zip code and then pull up a list of volunteering opportunities in your neighborhood.
Donate Your Money
You can donate cash to any old charity you want, as long as you do it. But below are a few that we really like.
Donate Your Clicks
What could be easier than clicking your mouse? Well, below are a couple of "click" charities that will donate money or other necessities just for clicking on the banners. The banner will take you to a website where you can increase your vocabulary while donating rice to the hungry.

    Help end world hunger

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