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About Rick Garman

Photo and serious airbrushing credit: Ron Davis
Rick Garman was raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and moved to Los Angeles to study acting in 1985. He trained at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts and after graduating in 1987 he promptly gave up acting because he couldn't handle the rejection.

After working a string of soul-sucking jobs in the entertainment industry, he began working at The Colony Studio Theatre in Los Angeles as their Administrative Director. It was here that Rick began his writing career. During a planning meeting for the theater's season, he announced (with a great deal of cockiness) that he would write a play to meet the company's needs. Amazingly enough, he actually did just that.

His first play "17 Days" was produced by The Colony in 1993 to great critical acclaim. It has since gone on to be produced around the country.

Rick's second major work was also produced by The Colony in 1997. "Mountains" played for eight sold-out weeks and received several major awards.

Looking to broaden his writing horizons (and make some extra dough in the process) Rick segued into travel writing. He has written several books about Las Vegas and also runs a Las Vegas travel planning web site Vegas4Visitors.com.

Rick currently lives in Los Angeles. He is single, available, and desperate for attention.

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